IP Checkups in the News: Analytics Challenges Patent Complexity, by George Lawton

Recently, IEEE featured an article by George Lawton on different patent-analytics systems.

An excerpt of the article is below:

The process of developing, applying for, analyzing, defending, and filing lawsuits over patents involves complicated concepts and complex relationships between concepts…

…IBM developed one of the early patent analysis systems, Patent Miner, about 15 years ago. Today, patent analytics is more effective in part because large amounts of patent data are widely available and practically free. Also, patent-analytics technologies have improved. For example, Breitzman said, “We can now do things with term and concept clustering that were difficult and expensive in the past.”

Term and concept clustering involve semantic analysis that finds patterns of documents that relate to individual ideas, such as companies, inventors, or types of technology connected with a specific patent. Some of the leading intelligent patent analysis platforms include Thompson Reuters’ Delphion, IPVision Advantage, and Ocean Tomo’s Patent Marking.

Companies such as 1790 Analytics, Incubic, and IP Checkups provide patent analysis as a service. Figure 1 shows IP Checkups’ patent-analysis process.


Figure 1. Service provider IP Checkups’ patent-analytics system filters a large number of patent documents to a smaller set for processing by advanced semantic-analysis algorithms. The system can discover competitors for patents, map patent concept relationships, and rank top patents. It can also identify a subset of documents worthy of more careful manual analysis.


For the complete article, see: “In the News,” IEEE Intelligent Systems, vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 6-11, Jan.-Feb. 2012, doi:10.1109/MIS.2012.17

Other articles by George Lawton are available on his blog at: http://www.glawton.com/


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