A List of 2000+ Potential Intellectual Ventures Shell Companies – Courtesy of Plainsite

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When IP Checkups launched Case IV Thicket last October, I had the fortune soon thereafter of speaking with Aaron Greenspan, founder of Plainsite, about our project. Plainsite is an online legal database dedicated to bringing transparency to the legal system.

Mr. Greenspan had read about our project to uncover Intellectual Ventures, and became excited about the possibilities of cataloging the USPTO patent assignment database in a more intelligent way. He launched his own initiative to research Intellectual Ventures’ shell companies, and just yesterday, published the results on Plainsite.

The full list of over 2000 potential Intellectual Ventures shell companies is available here, and more details of the methodology behind the list can be found on the Plainsite blog.

Mr. Greenspan has given us permission to post the full list of shell companies on our public NPE Tracker – to be launched mid-January. Over the next few months, IP Checkups and outside volunteers will vet the data to remove any non-IV affiliated companies, and determine if additional IV shell companies can be found through this data.

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