Unsurprisingly, Philips Leads the Charge in LED Optics

Patents mean a lot in the LED industry — and whenever patents come to mind, the Philips portfolio is not far behind. Philips has a longstanding — and well-deserved — reputation as an innovative leader in the LED industry, and the breadth and depth of its intellectual property holdings are considered second to none.

In the April 2013 issue of LEDs Magazine (now available online), IP Checkups explored the patent landscape in LED optics, discussing general trends within the spaceĀ andĀ describing how patent data can be used to predict and identify technological growth areas, innovative leaders, emerging markets, and groundbreaking new players in the space.

Most notable in this study was perhaps the extent to which Philips has dominated innovation in LED optics, particularly over the last decade. In certain technology areas, Philips has filed more patents in the last five years than its closest competitor has filed in the last 30. This is somewhat jaw-dropping, even to those who are well-acquainted with the scope of the Philips portfolio, but it certainly speaks to the ongoing influence that Philips will likely have in the LED space, both now and in the near future.

For the full report, please visit LEDs Magazine (http://ledsmagazine.com/features/10/5/2) or contact IP Checkups directly (info at ipcheckups.com)

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