IP Checkups Partners With Advanced Battery and Capacitor Expert, NAATBatt


In 2013, IP Checkups joined forces with The National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries (“NAATBatt”), a nonprofit trade association.  NAATBatt’s core mission is to grow the North American market for products incorporating advanced energy storage technology and reduce the cost of those products to U.S. consumers.

IP Checkups collaborated with eight NAATBatt member companies to develop a relational database designed specifically for the advanced battery and capacitor markets. This database, the Advanced Battery and Capacitor (ABC) PatentEdge, houses data from more than 200,000 patents, which have been categorized into 200 distinct technology and market areas. This organizational hierarchy allows users to quickly understand the pace and face of innovation in their area(s) of expertise, to monitor competitive activity, and to plan future innovation in accordance with available white space. The ABC PatentEdge is the only competitive patent intelligence solution specifically designed for the advanced battery and capacitor markets.

Each quarter, NAATBatt members receive an exclusive report on competitive activity in the advanced battery space. This report distinguishes thought leaders, tracks patent activity, and identifies general trends–and interesting developments–in selected technology and market areas. Members who are interested in obtaining more information may subscribe to the ABC PatentEdge at a discounted rate. NAATBatt has graciously made the third quarter 2013 report available to nonmembers on its website, which can be accessed by the public here.

IP Checkups is proud to be working with a trailblazing organization like NAATBatt, and looks forward to continuing to support its efforts to promote the acceleration of green technology innovation. At the 2014 NAATBatt Annual Meeting and Symposium this coming January in San Diego, Kathryn Paisner, Director of Research and Analytics of IP Checkups, will be demonstrating how patent data can be used to predict trends in the advanced battery and capacitor market.

Stay tuned for updates, as IP Checkups will be releasing the Advanced Battery and Capacitor database in early 2014!


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