Press Release: IP Checkups Launches Advanced Battery & Capacitor PatentEdge

BERKELEY, CA (January 21, 2014) – IP Checkups, a boutique patent analytics firm, today announced the launch of Advanced Battery & Capacitor (ABC) PatentEdge™, the only comprehensive online research database dedicated to addressing patent developments in the advanced battery industry. This database houses records of more than 200,000 worldwide patents, categorized into more than 200 advanced battery technology and market sectors, including but not limited to, busbars, sensors, electric vehicles, cathodes, anodes, cathodes, electrolytes, cells, ionic liquids, and more. ABC PatentEdge™ allows users to quickly gain insight into competitive activity, broad market trends, cutting edge innovation, and project-specific patent landscapes, avoiding arduous patent searches and antiquated national databases by accessing information on advanced battery trends through a simple, cost-effective interface.

ABC PatentEdge™ was developed with input from experienced technology experts representing eight key member organizations in the National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries (“NAATBatt”). The core mission of the non-profit trade is to grow the North American market for products incorporating advanced energy storage technology and reduce the cost of those products to U.S. consumers.

“NAATBatt is excited to be partnered with IP Checkups. We believe the ABC PatentEdge provides advanced battery and capacitor companies, investors, and research institutions with critical insight into emerging technologies, trends, and opportunities in advanced energy storage markets,” said James Greenberger, Executive Director, National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries.

ABC PatentEdge™ combines its database of worldwide patent publications with an easy-to-use analytics portal. The analytics portal tracks the real-time progress of worldwide patent publications and grants and creates custom charts and tables from the data [See Images A & B]. By translating the highly technical language of patents into simple quantitative metrics, ABC PatentEdge™ places powerful competitive information at the fingertips of a wide variety of interested parties: investors, researchers, business development, licensing, product, and marketing managers. Because ABC PatentEdge is regularly updated, users can easily gain insights into advanced battery tech industry trends and competitors, instead of relying on traditional market reports that are obsolete within a few months.

ABC Velocity Analytics

Image A

ABC Analytics

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“Advanced Battery & Capacitor PatentEdge addresses an unmet need in evolving advanced battery and capacitor industries, such as secondary batteries, which are growing quickly. There are innovations in lithium-ion, collector plates, cathodes, electric vehicle technologies, to name a few. ABC PatentEdge™ provides an otherwise unattainable view of an entire industry’s patent developments and competitive landscape in real-time, as patents publish,” said Matt Rappaport, founder and CEO of IP Checkups

IP Checkups’ Director of Research and Analytics, Kathryn Paisner, PhD, will demonstrate how the ABC PatentEdgeTM data can be used to predict trends in the advanced battery and capacitor markets at NAATBatt’s 2014 Annual Meeting and Symposium being held in San Diego from January 21-23.

Who can benefit from ABC PatentEdge?

* Product and marketing executives will be well-informed on competitive product offerings and can use this information to better position their own product rollouts.

* Business development executives can find companies with strong patent portfolios and innovative research for strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

* Investors can seek opportunities in high-growth advanced battery sectors or conduct patent due-diligence on their portfolio companies.

* Market research firms can study advanced battery patent trends over time, compare technology sectors, and research individual companies.

ABC PatentEdge annual subscriptions start at $850/month for individual users, and $1500/month for 3-5 users. Corporate and educational rates are also available.

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About IP Checkups

IP Checkups was founded in 2004 as a boutique patent analytics firm. The company offers custom patent portfolio and technology analysis to corporate clients, investors, research institutions, and universities. IP Checkups combines custom intellectual asset management and patent search services with powerful web-based software solutions enabling companies to identify, analyze, manage, monitor and update patent information relevant to their technology and markets.

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