University Biotech Patent Activity – 2014

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Annual patent issuances in this space continue to increase in both Europe and the U.S. Patent filing rates have also increased, over the last five years, albeit not as dramatically. It is therefore likely that at least some of the substantial increase in patent grants reflects an increase in biotech-focused workflow at the patent office, where patent examiners may be churning through a backlog of older applications. Preliminary data suggest that overall issuance rates have not increased substantially, at least in the biotech space.

Biotech Filing 2010-2014

Biotech patent filing rates for universities & research institutes, 2010-2014. The number of patents filed each year, in the US and in Europe, is indicated by the vertical scale; the colored bars indicate patent document status. The apparent decline in patent filing in 2014 likely reflects the (up to) 18-month delay between patent filing and patent publication.

Most of the top patent grantees in this space have actively protected their intellectual property rights for many years, filing patents at a relatively steady (and predictable) clip.

Biotech Filing 2010-2014 - Assignee Table

Top Patent-Filing Universities & Research Institutes, 2010-2014.

Increased patent filing from top innovators may account for some of the increase in overall patenting rates; however, some of the increase is also attributable to patenting activity from less-frequent patent filers, including many smaller universities–and many new entrants to the biotech patenting space.

Biotech Filing 2013-2014 - New Assignee Table

Top New Entrants in Biotech, 2010-2014. Universities and research institutions that filed at least three biotech patents between 2013-2014, but did not file any biotech-related patents from 2010-2013, are shown in this chart.

Interestingly, although most of the top-patenting organizations in this space are located in the United States, European and Asian institutions comprise a substantial percentage of new and emerging biotech patent-filers.

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