The CleanTech PatentEdge portfolio of products and services
are designed for any type of organization in the cleantech industry.

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The CleanTech PatentEdge database provides a new and untapped source of market focused data stemming from cleantech patents.

This solution features an easy to use, friendly interface that enables non-patent searching experts the ability to efficiently access valuable market data found in published patent information. And because the CleanTech PatentEdge solutions help identify market trends, new partners and competitors, and provide information related to who is working on which technologies and where new business opportunities exist in the rapidly growing cleantech sector, it is the perfect source for:

  • Executives and Strategists
  • R&D and Product Development
  • Business Development
  • Product Marketing, Corporate Marketing; and Brand/Marcom Experts
  • Research Analysts
  • VC Associates

“PatentCAM is a great tool to stay on top of innovations for new medical technologies”

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Medical Device Incubator, Mt. View, CA

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