The Interface: iTunes® for Patents

The layout of the online database is a little like iTunes® for music, or Microsoft Outlook® for emails. At the click of a folder, you can see a searchable list of worldwide patents in a given industry, or quick snapshots of top cleantech companies, top inventors, or patent trends across time.

Over 1.5 Million Patents in 150 Market Categories

The CleanTech PatentEdge is an online compendium of cleantech patent data presorted into over 150 green industry categories. The database captures patent data from markets as diverse as advanced batteries, solar or wind energy, and water treatment processes.

See What’s Trending in Cleantech

The CleanTech PatentEdge allows you to see how different sectors compare to one another. For example, by comparing patent filing trends across renewable energy technologies, you can see where there is growth or white spaces in innovation.

Track Your Company’s Top Hits

You can search for particular patents in the database by numerouse search fields, like patent title, company, inventor, and date.

Find Your Genius Bar

Our analytics portal allows you to track top inventors in a given field, so you know who the thought leaders are in an industry.

Access Your Records Offline

If you want to look through the raw patent data for your own research, you can download the information to Excel for later use.

Social Media? Share Your Thoughts!

The software allows you to comment on patents of interest. For group or corporate accounts, you can share these comments across multiple users.