Updates & Alerts

Updates to patent collections can be run and email alerts sent one time, weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on a customer’s interests and budget.

User Types

Pricing and feature packages are available to address different types of needs and users whether an individual, start-up, investor, Research Institution, University or Corporation. Enterprise licenses are also available.


Packages can be developed for a single seat to unlimited users for large enterprise and institutional subscribers.

Cleantech categories

CleanTech PatentEdge contains more than 150 categories relevant to cleantech markets. We offer packages for customers to access a single category, multiple categories or the entire database.

Permissions & Access

Whether for single users, groups of users or to be leveraged enterprise wide, PatentCAM, IP Checkups’ proprietary web based patent monitoring, management and analysis software contains powerful administrative functions.

Administrators can limit permissions to determine which collections each individual user or enterprise department can access and/or see, and control user access to:

  1. drag and drop patents into other folders or the trash
  2. create and rename custom folders and sub-folders (collections) visible to individuals or the group
  3. access the edit tree which enables users to see all collections in which a single patent exists.

Additional features can be added or subtracted from a subscription package to match any customers’ needs and/or budget.


The analytics wizard enables users to measure characteristics of groups of patents. Whether measuring top assignees, top inventors, patent filing/publication velocities, on the fly analytics enable customers to quickly track trends and visualize the data in the Cleantech PatentEdge database. Charts can be saved in PNG format and added to presentations as needed.

Custom Cleantech Categories

Custom categories relevant to any technology area can be developed by IP Checkups domain and patent search experts on demand. Custom categories may be added to the CleanTech PatentEdge database or delivered separately in a custom version of PatentCAM.

PDF files

PDF files for each of the patents in the database can be paired with each patent row. PDFs can be purchased on a one-off basis, or on an unlimited basis or left out completely.


All of the results in a collection or folder can be exported to excel if this feature is enabled.